My name is Sam Livm, I was born 1992 in Bolton, United Kingdom, and I'm currently based in New York, NY.
I have 6 years of digital studio photography experience in commercial studios and
on location as photographer, photographer's assistant, producer, digital technician, and retoucher.
I went to Film School at Hunter College. Photography and Films, to me, is documenting my shared experiences with other people through their stories and mine.
Even on a commercial staged shoot, I want to create a connection behind the people I'm creating genuine moments with.



STILL YOUNG attempts to unravel the cycles of youth, daydreaming, and nostalgia through portraits of the human body in a dream-state environment.

Entranced by the vibrancy of colors at a young age, Sam Livm's work defines his polarizing interpretations of uncomfortable emotions and desired feelings
by light either created naturally by the sun or artificially through neon city lights. 

Theses photographs also attempt to portray female nudity through a non-sexual, body positive, and naturalistic approach where clothing can not
offer viewer's a quick reference to a specific time or the subject's personality from preconceived societal stereotypes.

Livm's approach is filled with spontaneity and a vitality to create where no suggestions can be wrong; Sam strongly believes that the entire process in creating
is just as important for him and his collaborators to come away with something as is the final product shared with the world.